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What Does Driving Safety Mean?

Driving safety is the ability of you as the driver to have full control of a motorized vehicle and react safely to changing traffic conditions to avoid crashes and injury to yourself or your passengers.

There are many things to keep in mind when you’re driving.  For most people, driving is something you do naturally without a thought; and every time you do, there is always a risk. About 1.3 million people die every year as the result of a car accident. This is an average of Over 3,200 deaths every day.  Even cautious, safe drivers can become victims in accidents.

In this guide you’ll learn the importance of safe driving, the dangers of distraction and tips for every age. Before we get into that, take a look at this infographic:

This website gives charts and other information about all type of driving and how we can be safer if everyone would just not drive impaired, keep their eyes on the road, and don’t speed.  This is great information for students to use when writing papers for school.



We Save Lives is a collective voice representing the public and private sectors concerned with drunk, drugged and distracted driving and their immediate and deadly threat on our highways.

This organization was started by Candace Lightner, Founder of MADD in 1980. She recently started We Save Lives (WSL) because “I BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS BY WORKING TOGETHER”. I also believe that by partnering with businesses, community leaders, highway safety advocates, concerned citizens, organizations and survivors of traffic safety crashes, we would have a greater influence on highway safety policy at the local, state and national levels. We need more change and we need it now! Even though each of us has our own cause in the field of traffic safety, we all have a common purpose – saving lives.

Minnesotans for Safe Driving has joined We Save Lives because we to believe that the more people working together on an issue the more success we will have with that issue.
The website has many resources for eliminating the three D’s (drunk, drugged & distracted driving) also stories, blogs and links to other business and groups working to make our roads safer.