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Minnesota Crash Victims Memorial Website

A new website has been launched by the Office of Traffic Safety, Department of Public Safety, DPS officials believe that it is the first of its kind in the nation.  It will provide families of crash victims an opportunity to present an intimate and meaningful remembrance of their loved ones and connect with other families who have experienced similar losses. While the primary goal is to educate Minnesotans about traffic safety, these stories and causes behind these deadly crashes are the faces behind the statistics.

When a family creates a memorial, DPS confirms the fatality and ensures the accuracy of the crash description through its records. The site requires families to enter victim crash details to enhance the education component, such as seatbelt or helmet use, and impaired or distracted driving. The site allows families to connect with others who have entered a memorial, and gives visitors an opportunity to post photos and offer remembrances in a victim’s guestbook.

“We want families which are bearing the traumatic loss of a loved to have a place to share the memories of that person,” says Marti, DPS Office of Traffic Safety director. “Through this site, we can keep their stories and message alive, and prevent future crashes.”